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Green Deal and roads. What are the EU standards and approaches?

✅ We have translated the EAPA Guidelines into Ukrainian.

✅ We made it available for free.

The document contains:

➡️ description of the EU regulation;

➡️ important definitions (e.g., re-use of asphalt concrete versus recycling);

➡️ the impact of the use of recycled materials on the life cycle assessment of new mixes and an overview of available technologies.

Content of the document:

  • Asphalt, the material easy to repair and 100% re-usable and recyclable;
  • European policy on Circular Economy;
  • The circular economy of asphalt;
  • Benefits of the use of RA on the environmental sustainability (LCA) of new mixes;
  • Regulatory framework for asphalt re-use;
  • European standards;
  • End-of-Waste criteria for site-won asphalt;
  • The process of asphalt re-use;
  • The long term strategy for preserving the asset;
  • EAPA recommendations.

“Ukraine’s European integration and reconstruction should be based on the EU’s green approaches. The first step towards change is the availability of quality information” – Ihor Samokhodsky, Ukrainian Infrastructure Association UNITE.

“Our main task is to ensure the preparation of the regulatory framework for the introduction of modern materials, technologies, design solutions, taking into account the best European practices” – Artem Bezuglyi, Director of “DerzhdorNDI” SE.

The translation was carried out in cooperation with the Ukrainian Infrastructure Association UNITE and “DerzhdorNDI” SE. We are sincerely grateful to our partners from EAPA – European Asphalt Pavement Association for granting the rights for translation and distribution.

Link to the Guidelines in Ukrainian:

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